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Solo Email

If you have your own email list, sending a solo mailing is by far the most effective strategy to generate quick profits. The exact e-mail below has been used by one of our affiliates to generate upward of 100 sales. We have also tested it to our mailing list. It works. Mail it out and see for yourself.

Below is a solo e-mail that you can copy into your autoresponder and mail out. Simply insert your name where prompted to do so and replace the xxxxx's with your clickbank nickname. It doesn't get any easier than this, folks. All material here is copyright 2010 Statbrook Associates.

Subject Line of Email: Financial Advice Your Father Should Have Taught You.


Today I want to talk a little about the Debt Free Miracle guide.

The Debt Free Miracle guide is an educational program that provides you to the tools to become totally debt free in no time at all.. This one of a kind e-book program helps it's users improve their lifestyle in so many ways.

Improve your financial situation your love life, your job and career and just about anything else in your life that needs improvement. The program provides a process for managing your money and getting your financial life in order


You’ll get a step by step process that includes actual examples and worksheets to help you iron out your financial details and get your financial house in order. It’s not too complicated and if you’re talented enough to surf the web for this site you are smart enough to master the Debt Free Miracle process for yourself.

It's a phenominal process that has helped so many people make a better life and it can help you too.

If you go one more month paying VISA 18%-39% interest or struggling to make your house or car payment then you doomed. You will never get out of that financial hole. The only (honest) way to change your life is to follow the Debt Free Miracle process

We’ve created this introductory price for a limited time (just like you see with many new releases). In a short time we will be reverting back to our standard list price so don’t delay order today!

Here’s something you must realize – We reserve the right to jack up the price…probably by $20 minimum…at any time without notice. Shoot…that could happen tomorrow, next week, or later today.

So, if you see that the investment is still just $27.97, consider yourself lucky and hurry and order right now.

If you don’t order, you’ll end up paying more later and kick yourself for not acting now. Please don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. So just take advantage of this offer today and get the “steal of a lifetime” by ordering today. Do it now.

Go --order now while the New Release price is in effect


To an Empowering Day,


Subject Line of Email: Are Miracles Part of Your Life?

Dear Friend,

If I can set you free from the bondage of debt would you be interested? Of course you would. I can’t imagine ANYONE who WANTS to be in DEBT? So if you will take a few minutes of your busy schedule to understand what I have to offer I can guarantee you won’t be wasting a second of your time.

The Debt FREE Miracle isn’t really a miracle, it’s a system. A system that produces results. No, it’s not one of those fly by night make a million dollars offers that you see online. In actuality is a system that will SAVE YOU A MILLION DOLLARS and change your life forever.

In the USA the average credit card debt per household is a whopping $15,788. The US consumer debt has reached 2.42 trillion dollars. And this debt doesn’t include things like auto loans, home loans, equity loans, college loans, home improvement loans, boat loans, camper loans, vacation home loans and so on.

Finally you can break free from the traps that ruin so many people. Here is an exclusive step by step guide to start turning your financial life around. It’s a no baloney type of financial restructuring that will affect everything you do and how you live for the rest of your life.

You’ll read real life examples of how people without debt got to be in that situation and how you can copy their actions to produce the same result. It’s important to realize that the Debt Free Miracle process is not always easy and takes a real commitment on your part. But once you real about the many people doing it and the lifestyle they have achieved than you should conclude the effort is worth the results.

I'm providing you access to this newly released title at aspecial introductory rate. For only $00.00 you can have instant access to the information contained in this ebook and start making your life what it should be: Debt FREE FOREVER.

Don't waste another minute. Click the link below to order your copy. It will be the best investment in making your financial life stable and your personal finances worry free.


This E-book is strictly limited to people who are willing to put for the effort and make certain sacrifices to attain a debt-free lifestyle. If you’re one of the select few who can make that pledge then you can join the many that have benefited from the Debt Free Miracle process.


To an Empowering Day,


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